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Wasabi has all kinds of things for dog lovers to obsess over. We have virtual dogs that can’t eat your sofa or pee on your new carpet.

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We Have Adorable Dogs...

They are just as cute as real thing, thanks to our wonderfully talented artists. We have plenty of toys, treats, and clothing for you to buy your new virtual pup too.

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...and Radioactive Sushi!

One thing that Wasabi has that real life doesn’t is delicious sushi for your dogs. In the game, you will purchase sushi that will change your new furry friend’s stats, personality, color, and more.

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Wanna Learn More?

These are just a few things you will find here for your dog-crazed self. You will find friends who are just as dog-crazy as you, a show circuit for your pooches, focus on breeding dogs free of genetic flaws, and much more.

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About the Game

Dogs + Sushi = FUN!

Wasabi is a browser-based fantasy dog simulation game where you can own, care for, breed, train and shows dogs. In a wacky twist, you can change your dog's genetics with radioactive sushi found in the game.

Basic Wasabi membership is completely free. No annoying ads. No payment requirements.

  • Own one of our fifty-six different breeds - some rare, some popular
  • Create your own line of colorful Akita or champion Shiba - play your way
  • Meet other members and work together to better your lines

Alpha Testing is Now Open! To grab a code to play, head to our Discord server.

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About the Dogs

How Many Breeds!?

Wasabi has over 56 planned breeds and counting for players to own, care for, breed, train, and show. Real breed characteristics are taken into account when you train and show your dog, so you will need to be a true expert in your breed to raise the best of the breed.

Register today to start raising the breed of your choice.

  • New breeds are added to the game often
  • From working to companion breeds - we have it covered
  • Wild and special breeds can be discovered too

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